Sun, 01/26/2014 - 15:14 -- Inarke
It had been there for the longest time
A nail in place of this heart of mine
Eyes blank and wandering in darkness
I never understood why it was mine
But it always burned
Cold and made of iron it was
A single touch of warm flesh made it hiss
So I would try to pretend nothing was amiss
As my fingers traced the swirls I'd cringe
Yes, it always burned
I called it my heart and one love
And it would only continue to hiss
As I caressed the point
No, nothing was amiss
But it always burned
One day I awoke
Blinded and naked
Something was amiss
My skin raw and stinging
My eyes wide and piercing
The nail was gone
Tears splashed as they hit the aching hole
Hands roaming and touching every empty curve
I knew not where to go
I knew not what to feel
But it no longer burned
Feet are cold against the concrete
I had begun walking again
An emptiness is always present
But I smile now for the passing days
It never burns


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