Cold Demon

Leave me alone

Those words  sharp and cruel 

It's cold it's cold it's cold

I don't mind the feeling 

I don't mind the frost 


I know after the demon rips and tortures you 

Dragging you through the cold mud

You survive

I see you battered but still: you survive


Now it's not blue

I can finally see that you are not blue

Those who have seen you in hell 

they say you are blue but I know it's just NOT true

I see you bruised, bloodied by the bully

I reach my hands out to touch you


You see the demon's claws

All the cold rushes back

Lashing out, you scream those words again

They are sirens  


go away go away go away go away

Hitting me as if I were him

It is winter season all year round 

But I don't mind the weather 


I'll stay with you through the cold

I'll keep reaching my hands out 

I'll keep holding on

I know Spring will come someday



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