Cement Ground

There are no big memories,

Because I can't exist in the small.

Im tired of walking in between the two,

Trying not to fall,


I can walk a million miles in an inch,

Because my world is so small,

so why am I stuck down here

when the clouds never fall,


I can't stand it,

Being stuck down here

Waiting till I drowned.


I can't stand it,

The more I sit

I feel this cement ground.


I sink, thoughts crack

When my eyes blink,

Vision turns black,

Chasing an edge running away,

Leaping forward above the gray,

I can't fly, I can't die,

But I can yell, and make sound

From under these clouds

And above this cement ground,


Birds fly and thrust their wings,

Taunting me with harmonious strings,

Their wind breaks my world,

Rush in and swirl,

Dancing in the nothingness,

The birds fly away,

Leaving me breath-less.


-Stefan Carpenter

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