Pay the price


I had a note that I wrote

That started off as an anecdote

But I left it in my coat

And I gave it to a boy so eager and cold

But he didn’t know how to float


And he launched himself into the ice so bold

How I wish I could stop life and give it a hold

As I saw the disaster in my mold

My feelings were shot

My heart was sold


To the boy who was got

I think about you a lot

Change life, I can not

I was there in pain

Justice is what I sought


There was no gain

In this icy lake of Maine

Where I am forever chained

I regressed my thought

But I had gone insane 


A boy so cold fell through the ice 

He drowned alone and this despite

All I could think of was my own right

To have that note I lost in sight

That kid may have lost his life

But I felt that I was the one to pay the price


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