A Picture in the Snow


     I’m sorry for the cold

     And the pictures in the snow


     Your bright red cheeks were only reflections

     of the season


     Your tears ran down in the cold

     Please save them,

          No, don’t

          You should not understand yet

          You should never have to know


     Please smile, one more time

     I know it’s cold, I know

     But please, please try

          For me?

               No, don’t

               You should only have to for yourself

               Please believe that


     Your cold little hands burning in the mittens

     Keep them close to your heart, but not

     too close

          Opening and closing them

          Brings the feeling back, sometimes


     The snow, all white, once soft and clean

     Now packed, but crumbling, as snow tends to do

          It won’t fall on you, but will

          keep sprinkling bits and pieces

          Be careful how you move though

          Try not to knock it


     Do you enjoy this?

          Enduring the cold

          Sitting so quietly as the sky grays and

          polaroids appear

          Feeling the pain, but numbing itself

          Have you gotten used to it?

          I hope you never have to


     Come, child, come inside with me

          I’m sorry for the cold and the pictures

          Come, let me wipe your tears and hold

          your hands

     I want to hold onto you forever

          Never leave you in that snow again



                Your cheeks will be red again and your

                hands will burn

                but the tears won’t run

                and the smile will be there, but for someone else

                The snow will fall, and the fort will crumble

                Your pain will continue—

                                you will become numb


But not for a picture in the snow

This poem is about: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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