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I don't know why i'm like this I never knew the cause. I'm so cold and shaky  But now, at only 12, anxiety has swallowed me in its big jaws.   
the dead, they sleep beneath the trees in the dirt where no man sees all the living walk above some in hatred, others love few have realized the truth
I go into town I see my parents but they just frown They just do not want to see me right now They said I burnt it down My parents say I'm the one who destroyed the town They try to push me as far away
Great wide teeth, tear off a piece, 
Let my chest ache,  Let my heart hurt,  Let the tears break and hit the floor,  Let my world fall,  to hell with it all.  No one cares,  my eyes leak.  Let this anger fester and seep. 
Bella's point of view As I past James and Jack I blushed soon hard "I hate falling in love...WHY BELLA?WHY? ",I say to myself. As I was thinking I suddenly bumped into something...or someone?
Her name was Bella, she liked this boy named Jack. Jacl was the popular Jock boy who had tons of fangirls. But Jack was kind, empathetic, sympathetic,  and helpful. Bella was the exact the same, but she was more of the silent type
Luckily when they fell they fell on a humongous pile of leaves, but even the leaves felt like falling on piles of rocks.
There was one time where monsters, fairies, and other mythical creatures existed, but there was one creature that everyone feared...the dragons.
The night is dark, the moon is full, The howl of wolf, the moan of ghoul. For this night will be scary to thee, The kiss of vampire, the scream of banshee.    For this is the night, Oh that Night!
The leaves are beginning to change colors as they slowly start to fall and hit the ground, And the smell of pumpkins and fear fill the air and it travels in the wind all around.
When the hand strikes midnight, it begins. The darkest hour of the night. Our candles lit, the time has come.. The darkest hour of the night. Our candles melt and grow our fright.
The Note 
Running exceedingly fast, I finally saw a door, at last, Rushed inside, paralyzed with fear,
I’m lost in a forest with no one around I’m lost  I see eyes in the bushes and stars in the night I’m lost
Shivering when I see her pass Cruel is her manner, harsh is her voice All hide in fear, shh… don’t make a noise
Medusa was an ugly girl, Or so the stories told. Her looks might not have been ideal, But she had a heart of gold.   
The seasons are all changing, the schedule of the day is rearranging. It's finally time to put the shorts away, and to bring the sweaters out for the cold days.
Creeping out of the water he comes Your heart is beating like a drum He smells your fear from away You tell him to go back to the bay  
Chasing live vessels filled with blood Hissing rabidly into the night Under the moon, hunting heedlessly
We sit quietly in the car in the dark Candles balanced on the dash White wax drips to form soft folds, stark Against the blackness of the ash  
Some people change because of pain, for better or worse, We all possess a light side within us and dance in it in the best of times
“Sickening static surrounds my mind My head is a circus All the smudges on the mirror made me go insane
“Sickening static surrounds my mind My head is a circus All the smudges on the mirror made me go insane
“Sickening static surrounds my mind My head is a circus All the smudges on the mirror made me go insane
When you take your skin off and stare at your bones   lay them out in the sun and watch them turn yellow       When you smile use your teeth they'll smile more than your hair
feminism /ˈfeməˌnizəm/ noun
One day you're home, and then another you are left all alone.  Abandoned, gone, and lost.  Looking around like theres been a holocaust.  People say life is black and white-
Darkness surrounds me as I find myself enveloped in the story being told in front of me. A young girl is stumbling upon a scene,
  Scratch… Scratch… Scratch goes the clawing at my door Faint as usual but still unsettling SCratch…SCratch…SCratch goes the clawing at my door
It was always clean.  The smell of sanitizer suffocating the air. When I see her, she is constantly smiling in that taunting "I am better than you" way I wait and wait and wait.
Fear I know it,oh how I know it. He keeps me up at night,I never rest not one bit. I feel it in my brain All rationality goes down the drain I’m tired  OCD is a monster,he will not leave me alone 
Sallow, sickly trees Hide the cunning wolf from view; Lurking in the dark  
In the dead of night I close my eyes But cannot keep these thoughts outside I hear it scratching at my door And moaning from beneath the floor  
Whenever I look in the dark I see him standing there I look around and see a spark Then can’t see anywhere Then I thought I heard a lark But it was only air Even though it’s not a shark
THUMP THUMP Alone for the first time THUMP THUMP It got louder everytime THUMP THUMP I hid for sometime THUMP THUMP My dog began to whine
THUMP THUMP Alone for the first time THUMP THUMP It got louder everytime THUMP THUMP I hid for sometime THUMP THUMP My dog began to whine
Mommy I’m scared, am I going to have wrinkles like that lady when I grow up,  she shushes me and apologizes to the old woman, no darling she says as she pushes me out the door.
I see it when I close my eyes, I see it right before the sunlight rise, I see it in my darkest visions, I see it when the eerie glow of my thoughts envision.   It has eyes, dark, like a black hole
I see the world in its beautyOthers see me in fear   I see the world in its graceOthers see me and sneer   Something calls me outA shriek, a scream, a screech  
Staring out over the oceanThe sun's reflection burningSparkling off the Blue Man's hullCreates a sounding paradiseThat never seems to dull  
I am a politically conscientious, theater-obsessed English nut, An extrovert with anxiety and an unquenchable taste for scary books and movies,
Hair as black as night so it blends in woth the smoke of her home villiage Skin as white as snow reflecting the moonlight like a mirror Lips as red as blood er- red with blood
  2:57 is the first thing my eyes take in as the shoot wide open The glow of my alarm clock sends me this eerie feeling I sense extreme warmth as the once cool room has dampened
Sometimes I wake up early in the morning Wondering if what I do is enough Alone with my thoughts I think about things that may not happen Awful things, good things They're all the same in a way
Pitch black darkness living in the insides of the house, 
Pitch black darkness living in the insides of the house, 
Pretty as seen, Oh, how one can hide. The red eyes see, Right through me. Haunting Haunting,
I live in a house with two ghosts Mirrored in themselves when they are near the other They drift through each other But alone they seem nearly solid
Such an unexplainable bond. A love so great. Sisters, twins to be exact.  Jane and Alice. Seven years old now. Laughing for hours on end, alone in their room. Identical in every way except,  Alice was stillborn. 
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Catchy, cuddly, and cute. Have you considered its true meaning?   Just keep walking. Just keep walking. Not catchy, not cuddly, and not cute.
I was bitten by a Werewolf and now I'm undead.I was a mortal man but now I'm immortal instead.I'm responsible for many deaths because I'm a Wolfman.
If the rumors are true then you are a selfish freak.   If I listened to rumors I would never have agreed to be your friend.   If the rumors are true
Let's play a game, shall we? Let me vester into your mind,  Hear your every thought. Now tell me, what scares you? I'm pretty aware that it scares many others too.  Deep into your mind I wonder, 
The ground is cold and dirty The shackles on your wrists are sturdy The room is dark, very quiet You can escape, you have to try it Wait until the coast is clear Be still and silent when they're near.
  Fear, something everything is born with It can’t be washed away or forgotten Whether it be a child’s fear of monsters in the dark
Late night woken, barely alive. struggling to see the light through other's eyes. covered in darkness, covered to the core. try to show people me, but they don't see the sores.  
There once was a mother Who lost her lover And all she had was a child Despite her care And the life she shared The mother slowly grew wild   As the child screamed The mother schemed
Please help me And make these shadows leave Save me from the darkest street Turn the lights back on And I'm crying Then I'm broken Shattered on the floor The mirror hides unseen faces
Looking through glass I see me looking back at me
Dark of Day Light of Nightby Mira Wilder2014Girls you better be safeand get to your carthat guy you dated took things too farYou can feel him behind you,closer and closer
I sat alone one evening, Nearly dreaming upon my table propped, Stopped had I from work to rest,
Scared and hurt, feeling like that vulnerable girl
My feet are starting to hurt. Why the hell did I do this?   God, I think my heart is going to explode.
Shouldn’t it be funny
I never knew how scarlet red
As you lay in your bed, eyes shut- waiting to fall asleep, listen. You hear that ringing in the silence? If you listen hard enough you'll hear voices. The voices will tell you dark things.
I locked the door behind me And as I sat on the toilet seat I looked down at my feet Red, from the lack of heat I began remisicing on memories Bur it wasn't long until I was done
Her eyes were as bright as her soul But she IT Never seen The light of day Deaths favorite associate IT loved stealing others souls IT never had one of her own She kills silently
My heart drops every time I think about the boy’s body sinking to the bottom of the pool on that one, beautiful day in May.
windows creak openfloor boards shift under its feetIt moves silentlycoming to a stop, to feedon the child where he sleeps
There's a darkness that covers the moon, To save the werewolves from there doom.
on the corner of Madison and Wells, a ghost with a gray cotton tee and tattered jeans saw my red lace dress and started deer hunting. he wasn’t timid, only lanky, and gripped the ground 
Perhaps one of the reasons  I like Halloween so much is because I feel more at home.
The sun is hot, the wind is low and soft against your face. The trees are green, their shadows tall and cool in their embrace. The grass is bright, the flowers vivid, and swaying in the breeze.
It’s supposed to be amazing Everyone telling you how proud they are and how much they love you How glad they are that you made it through that hell called high school But all you’re doing is waiting
My hands warp and writhe Fabricated conspiricies consume my mind Sinister notions deafen my perceptions What lurks in the corner what will i find? Misfortune haunts my core It is something that i adore
  Finally this world is dark. I don’t have to see. I don’t have to see them. Those. Those eyes. Your eyes.
We are so focused on teaching our young people to dream that we forget to teach them how to reach these things
(....hi ho.......hi ho....) (....hi ho.......hi ho....)   It's time   (....hi ho.......hi ho....)   Once again  
A setting sun, a rising moon,
In the blackest of the night, It glides through the overgrown grassand threw the sewers under the city streets.It swallows the minds of innocents.It rips into the lost souls.
Silently it sits,Waiting for its’ next victim,To enter its’ realmIts’ realm of torture,Where nothing is private,Where you never truly are alone.Where your nightmares become reality,
Black atmosphere, purple park on fire my flesh desired Black spiked hair with a bruised face stepping, grass crunching, heart race
My pulse began to race Like a horse out of the gate Then my muscles began to clench Like a wrench on a nail
Joy given by the pain bestowed upon those I crush under my thumb, tortured screams and moans are my music and illness of mind my muse
I don't think you understand The effect the word 'college' has on me. The more you talk,  The more my heartbeat races.   Taking off like a plane to Britain It won't stop.
Follow-~> The woman in blackWho looks for her child. <~- Retreat To the safety of homeWhen the child is found Open-~> The book of spellsAnd wait till nine <~-Close
I walk among the childrenSome young and some oldLike the oak tree in myGrandfather’s house. The wind ruffles the leaves.It is a foggy fall night.Im not alone.At least I tell myself I’m not.
That dark cold night, the rain did splatter on the dim windows, 'pitter-patter.' The creaky old cabin 'neath the willows groans and moans and wobbles and billows.   What there is to say haunts to the core
Alone and cold, it grows so old. Scared to leave, nothing to achieve. The rose wilts, the scale tilts. Loves dies, hate flies. Passion gone, nothing to pawn. The black swallows me,
Hinging everything so delicately One wrong move, everything will fall and fail. It is the price to pay to deal with me. I will keep you close from all that will ail   Only a small price to pay, no big deal
Three Fates fathomed a fellow to figure Facsinating that which is feral and foul  To be fervid and satisfying; A furious felicity.   Three moaning eyes, muttering movements of demise,
10 are sleeping under ground, hush and don't you make a sound. 9 below they slowly wake,  coming for your breath to take. 8 ascend the steps in woe, as they slowly, surely go. 7 moments pass away,
Splat! You’re dead With the flick of the flowery sandal I ended your pitiful life forever No more creeping No more crawling No more leaping from web to web
It was a snowy friday night and i layed awake in bed. The torturing songs from earlier at school had still played in my head. You didn't see all that we could be. I felt every molecule of my body going weak and cold
They built these walls to protect me At least that's what they said. "Monsters, demons and darkness live Beyond these high stone walls" Entrigued I was by their small fact
There's a rough path to your dreams, kid. You're going to get beat down and maybe even run over, You're going to reach a point where you feel like you can't take anymore. Not everyone can throw money at their problems,
There was small wooden houseAt the edge of the greenIt was there, yet it wasn’tFor it never was seen Save by two little laddiesWho came by the wayAnd traipsed ‘long the pathwayOne crisp autumn day
Shattered hearts and Broken dreams Call to me in the weary night Silent screams and  Fallen dreams I can't reach them. No way out No where to run Hold on to your sanity
And dancing, they were,   The two girls, and the boy   Caring not about time,   That seemed not to pass by       They noticed not, that not a stare  
(poems go here) The fluorescent moon Of the black night sky, the only light to shine in the abandoned town. Frigid air burns my porcelain skin. Drifting through the streets,
To find a new meaning: The finish line I have been running to for 18 years is really the starting gunshot.
Can’t sleep Order transcripts List awards and repeat Long waits Essays short Growing hungry Eat and repeat
(poems go here) There once was a man named Ted, Who decided one night to look under the bed. What he saw, it seemed, Really made him scream. And now, he has no head.
The wind shook the house on that cold, cold night You were yelling at me, I didn't want to fight. You stumbled down the stairs, You stumbled into my room, You grabbed me by the hair, and you blamed me.
It strikes midnight, and I’m home alone My parents have yet to return from work Paranoia kicks in, and as I turn to stone I hear a voice and slow footsteps lurk
As I lay awake in bed at night My secrets haunt me, devil’s delight Though invisible, they’re plain in sight Stenciled images in black and white They scream and wail, unending fight
I try to be perfect Smile really big Help everyone Never think of myself But sometimes It's hard I get hurt All those feelings i hold start to hold me down it's all too heavy and I break
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