Left behind

And dancing, they were,


The two girls, and the boy


Caring not about time,


That seemed not to pass by




They noticed not, that not a stare


Was aimed at them


Just dancing there




And when they stopped


They glanced around


But not a hand


did render sound




“how rude,” Tom whispered to the girls


They nodded in despair


They’d labored hard on this late piece


Rehearsed for hours with great care




But in an instant, it came clear


And looking once again


The room that hosted their premier


They found, had met its end




The ashes blowing in the wind, they knew


Remained from wood, and bone


The floor was black, with soot and slack


The three were left, alone




As memory seeped back to their souls


The disaster brought that day


Re-inflicted upon their faces was sorrow


And cried, did little Mae




The elder two, young Tom and Mary


Exchanged a knowing glance


They knew they had forgot before


The atrocity of past




“It’ll be alright,” comforted Tom


And just as May looked up,


Mary’s hand rose to her ear


And said she: “Oh, what’s that I hear?”




And as Mae strained to hear a sound


That had so long been gone


Mary nodded, as did Tom


“Can’t you hear it? that’s our song!”




And danced they did,


Into the night


Just as they had before


And as they danced,


Their audience stepped,


Right through the non-existent door




They twirled and spun and stepped


for none


Just as their ashes in the air


And no one saw the two girls, and the boy


No one saw them dancing there




I appreciated the happy ending.....I would of loved to see an

illistration and animation...It would have

been a nice accomadation.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed your poem. 

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