A Pinch of Reality

It was always clean. 

The smell of sanitizer suffocating the air.

When I see her, she is constantly smiling in that taunting "I am better than you" way

I wait and wait and wait.

The agitation grows like a brooding storm grows darker and darker preparing for the danger to come.

She arrives still holding that insulting grin.

She places her hand on my arm in an obvious attempt to ease my fear; the arrogance is degrading.

I watch her slip her fingers around the chilling instrument.

My heart speeds up, racing faster and faster as the sharp point crawls closer to my skin.

I am paralyzed with the piercing pain pulsating through my body, and just like that- it's done.

There is no more fear, no more worry.

Relief rushed through and I am overwhelmed with my own unexpected smile.

I triumphed through my panic, managed the short pain, and grew stronger like a weak tree rises to an oak.

My fabricated fears resulted with an extravagent wave of success.

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