Bloody Mary

We sit quietly in the car in the dark

Candles balanced on the dash

White wax drips to form soft folds, stark

Against the blackness of the ash


Now someone has lit another match.


“Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”

They chant into wisps of smoke

A mantra that was only scary

Back when we were young folk


It continues thirteen times, what will it evoke?


We think we’re safe, maybe for a little while

Windows are thick enough to keep demons at bay

Right? At least we think, until a menacing smile

Forms on the mirror thinking it’s here to stay


Quick! Step on the gas, we have to get away!


Candles fall into a state of disarray

As we look back, we see poor Mary running

Struggling to keep up, to her dismay

She hadn’t expected us to be this cunning


This poem is about: 
Our world


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