Finally this world is dark. I don’t have to see. I don’t have to see them. Those. Those eyes. Your eyes.

Even the idea makes my skin crawl. Those eyes. All of those eyes that stare. Those eyes that glare at me, judging me. Don’t judge me. You have no right to. Stop. Stop staring. Don’t look at me with those eyes.

I can see it. I see your emotions. The past behind those eyes. I don’t want to see. I don’t want to know.

Stop. Stop it. Stop looking. I hate those looks. I shudder under those stares.

Black. Black is all I want to see. Black means I don’t see those eyes.

Pain. I don’t even feel the pain, but I feel the warm ooze down my face. It smells sweet. The ooze. I can taste it, dripping in my mouth. It’s salty. It tastes like freedom. Freedom from those eyes.

That’s what I did. I took them. My eyes. Now I can’t see yours. Your stares. Your glares. Your eyes. I took a knife. My dad’s. He hunts. I took his knife and now my eyes are gone.

Stop! Stop judging me! They freak me out. Those eyes! Your eyes. Now that my eyes are gone yours will be too. I’ll bring daddy’s knife. You’ll see. Well no, not really. You won’t see. Not after I take those eyes. Cut ‘em right off your face.

The ooze is back. I feel it on my face. My clothes. It’s not mine. It’s yours. You stain my clothes. You claw at my hands. The hands holding daddy’s knife. Your screams ring in my ears and I hear the rushed footsteps in the hall. The door swings open. I don’t see them but I feel it. Those eyes. Their eyes starring in horror at your face. My face. Our faces. The ooze. The scream. The voice is high and soft. A girl. A little girl. Your sister. I feel her eyes. Hate burns in my stomach again. Eyes. God I hate them.

That stare again! Stop! Stop it goddamn it! Stop staring! I shout. I wail. She screams. Screams and screams as she sees what you and I can’t. You. You’re covered in warm, sticky sweet ooze. The same kind that has long since dried on my face. My eyes. Your eyes. Gone. Gone for good. Damn them to hell I hate those eyes. All those eyes. And she’s next. Your next. I’ll make the whole world blind. You’ll see.

But you won’t. No one will. I’ll remove those eyes. Those judging, past filled, hateful eyes. You’ll not see everything. You. Me. We’ll just hear it. Hear every single scream and be surrounded by the ooze for the rest of time.

You’ll see.

Those eyes. God I hate them and I swear I’ll make them all stop.

Stop! Stop staring. Stop only when the whole world’s blind. That’ll make ‘em stop. Those eyes.


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