And I Would Walk 16 Miles More

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

Catchy, cuddly, and cute.

Have you considered its true meaning?


Just keep walking. Just keep walking.

Not catchy, not cuddly, and not cute.

Have you ever hiked sixteen miles?


Spring break. Spring break.

Spontaneous, relaxing, and revitalizing.

Would you like to join on a girls hiking trip?

Let’s call ourselves the Dream Team.



Our group leader decides the route.

Eight miles. Day trip. Fun.

Alright, let’s head out!


Beginning at eight,

Starting off grinning.

With each upward step,

the seasons come with us singing.  


Hours pass. NO mile markers.

Where are we? We MUST be close to the top.


What the hell were you thinking?


An accident. An accidental sixteen-mile hike.

Up Mount Le Conte,

Or more like Le Cante.


The singing is done.

The Dream Team defeated.

Where is the top; is it too late to turn back?


Colder and colder; it is now quite chilly.

Nearing the top?

We become slightly more cheery.


OH NO!!!
Icy patches?
Thick slippery patches?

NO railing on this ridiculously thin trail???

A Slip!

A team member, a family member,

Hangs on the edge with her head leaning towards the dive.

Quick! Extend! GRAB AND REEL!


Wooh! Safe.


No fun. No fun. Let’s get OUT!


We finally reach the top!

Not nearly as intriguing.

Expectations failed

Nowhere near amusing.


The afternoon has arrived or more like its soaring.

Time to climb down,

Can’t be too difficult.

We were boasting.


Twist, turn, sprain.

OUCH! But silence.

We all scream internally as our ankles become tortured by the rocky land below.


I can’t do this…

Yet I am!

Wow. But first let’s hurry down!


The sun is setting and all is silent.

Will we make it out before the darkness sets and the bears awaken?

Running and running,

We are all nervously shaken.


Two ahead.

All fall at one point or another,

Some more scary, some slightly better.


Just keep running. Just keep running.

Strong, fierce, and quick.

Have you ever pushed yourself that much?


Just keep running. Just keep running.

Rocks, Bears, and Ice.

Is that paved Ground?


Spring break. Spring break.

Spontaneous, relaxing, and revitalizing.

Would you like to join on a girls hiking trip?



This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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