Tue, 04/30/2013 - 00:46 -- fummala


United States
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I try to be perfect
Smile really big
Help everyone
Never think of myself
But sometimes It's hard
I get hurt
All those feelings i hold
start to hold me down
it's all too heavy
and I break
I want to be loved too
Though I'll never say so
I cry when you're not watching
Though I want you to hold me
I act like I know where
Though I'm so lost
I keep this little girl locked inside
Though she comes out once in a while to cry
And I tell her to stop
To put on a brave face
With people counting on us
we can't have an off day
And I pick up the pieces
Lock all the doors
Hopping she won't get out anymore
That she'll shrivel up inside
While I pretend to be alive
Can I really call this life?


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