She Watches

Wed, 07/01/2015 - 13:38 -- mkeefer

I sat alone one evening,

Nearly dreaming upon my table propped,

Stopped had I from work to rest,

And lurked upon my dim lit desk,

The room was dark, and stark against the black,

lamp shone lone light across the room, but soon

I heard a sound yet soft,

Emanating from my loft.

A voice? No, it wasn't, and out my mind it tossed,

Glossed over it did I,

Twas just the wind rolled by

But then again, now closer seemed,

I clearly heard a woman's scream,

Faintly in the distance,

"Please," it said with great resistance,

Outside my door and down the hall,

Echoed eerily throughout my walls,

My heart felt shock, and my pen I dropped,

I was home alone, but that tone so clearly reached my ear,

Fear struck deep within my chest,

but tired I best decided was the reason this resided in my mind,

I resigned, time is late, so off to bed with no debate I snuck,

And tucked into the sheets, I lay and say,

Twas just a simple dream, it seemed,

Fell asleep upon my desk, yes,

In the dark near sleep was I adrift,

When suddenly I felt the blanket shift

Jumped did I and ran to the wall,

Tripped and fall, but rose swift and in my frenzy lift

The switch and bathed the room in light,

Not a creature was in sight,

I scanned hi and low, and not a soul was found,

But bound was I, determined

To catch this little vermin,

Pranks, say I, jokes and tricks,

But sick, felt I truly inside,

No lie I tell could calm the quell within my belly that something stalked me

And quick whisper shot right into my ear,

"Please... Don't kill me,"

The lights cut black and back I ran as quickly as I can,

And heard her footsteps chase and deathly race,

The slam of her feet bare upon my floor echoed through the corridor,

And I dove into my bathroom and slammed and locked the door,

Drove did she into it hard, and bombarded with slams and screams,

It shook and creaked at the seems, it seemed as though to break,

And so take did I a chair and wedged it there,

And in the darkness pressed against the wall,

I heard her scamper down the hall,

I fumbled for the switch, which I flipped and whipped my head around to scan the space,


Stone cold was the room, and I stood to in the mirror loom,

And gazed upon my second face and wished this night I could erase,

And, dear God my reflection blinked?

I leaned closer on my sink, I think I must be mistaken,

Taken, I gazed into my eyes, and why, my reflection smirked!

Its teeth were jagged black and bloody, and studied me did it,

And I screamed and sit now upon the floor,

And she knocked upon the door, and cried,

"Please, don't let me die,"

"What do you want?!" I tried to call her, but my voice did falter,

"I just like to watch you sleep, now I wish your soul to keep,"

And the chair was thrown from beneath the door and it stood unsupported lone,

Bone chilled I leaned against the window sill, still heart pounding,

Drowning in fear, near was I to opening the window to escape,

And I felt an iced hand across my shoulder drape,

And petrified I looked in the reflection and realized

She stood behind me, smiling

Her face disfigured, horrifying

Denying was I her wish no longer,

Her claws, pushed stronger, were sharp against my chest,

But no rest she gave,

"Please, don't kill me!" I gravely said,

She pressed her lips to my ear, but now I fear,

I'm already dead


I awoke in my bed sound,

And sat up straight and looked around,

My room was dark but nothing found in my scan,

And stand did I and wet with sweat turned on the light and paced,

No poltergeist or disfigured face,

No deathly race or shifted sheet,

No pound of ghastly feet,

Down I sat, and did relax,

Twas a dream alone, in fact

And I reclinded and flipped off my light,

And in the dark I scarce had sight

Of two shiny eyes, red like blood I spied,

In the corner, watching me

Felt their presence oversee

The way I laid, and pretend did I,

Not to notice them

For I don't want to be the one upon my knees,

Crying and begging, "Please."


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