The Unpredictability of the World Outside my Room

Sometimes I wake up early in the morning

Wondering if what I do is enough

Alone with my thoughts

I think about things that may not happen

Awful things, good things

They're all the same in a way

Feeling like some of these might happen

Nightmares from the evening news

Dreams from the movie reviews

Not knowing if it will happen to me in the future

That scares me

The time in front of me is full of things

I have no control over

I like being in control

I do

But there are many other leaders 

Other variables

Other friends

Other enemies

I am afraid of the world outside and I can't control it

But I still go out into it everyday

Aware of the evil

Aware of the pain

Knowing their is good in my home

I keep forcing myself to be kind

Encourage others

Knowing that I won't be given anything in return

That I'm not popular

Instead I'm in the backround

People who know my name but they don't take my word seriously

Not unkind to all

Not rich, not poor

See, I think these thoughts inside my head

Early in the morning

I get up and get ready later

Preparing for the future

Scared to death of the world outside my room

"Expecting the Unexpected"

This poem is about: 
Our world


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