Better version of wrong love 3

Bella's point of view
As I past James and Jack I blushed soon hard
"I hate falling in love...WHY BELLA?WHY? ",I say to myself. As I was thinking I suddenly bumped into something...or someone?
"Oh my God I am sooo sorry it was fault", I say embarrassed
No no it's okay it was mine", he said
"Names Bella", I say introducting myself
"Names Garry", Garry said
"Cool I made a ANOTHER FRIEND YEAH OH YEAH", I shouted until I felt millions of eye balls looking at me.
"Um ooof got to go", I say running away and into the girls bathroom. I saw 3 girls there waiting for me?
"Hi", I say waving. But the girls only rolled their eyes.

Garry's point of view
"Weird but cute", I say as I see Bella running away. I stood there until I saw a figure coming straight at me
"Stay away from Bella..and you won't get hurt", it said
"Pooh I am soil scared and no", I said sarcasticly
"Okay then I give you until the end of the week", they continued
"Sure", I say annoyed as I walked away.

Jack's point of view
"Time to plan a second murder" I say with a smirk. I walk back to James but he wasn't there. Not a trace of him at all.
"Weird", I say confused. I decided to go to the library and plan my murder.

James point of view

"I can't be with Jack no more he is turning into a monster", I say as I walk to the science room. When I got there I sat in a random chair and fell asleep.

Bella's point of view

"Hey girls look it's that slut", a girl said. I was soo confused and mad
"Huh?", I asked
"Oh and look she is also dumb as a rock ", another girl said
" okay how am I a slut", I asked annoyed
"Well you are with Jack when you were with Luke", the last girl said. At that moment I remembered seeing the head of Luke as clearly as white.
"Oh and also Luke's is Lily's boyfriend ", The second girl said
"WHAT?!?!", I shouted
"Yes dummy", Lily replied
"Well he made a mistake with you" I say with a smile
"Urgent lets go girls..and you Bella stay away from Luke",lily said
"No can do", I say hurt. All the girls left pushing backwards. At that moment I pushed them all unto the floor and went to look for Luke

Luke's point of view
I see Bella coming towards me, I quickly shut my notebook closed and looked up at Bella
"Were canceled tonight", she said teary
"Are you OK?", I asked
"Shut up!" She says
"Tell me what's going on?", I asked
"Well you have a-a nvm", Bella replieds slowly.
"But so you know we're canceled tonight ", she said as she walked away
"SHIT!", I scream insidemy head

Bella's point of view
I started to cry as soon as I left Luke. I couldn't emagine that he had a girlfriend and it wasn't me.
I-i can't no more too many heartbreaks.

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