The Game

Let's play a game, shall we?

Let me vester into your mind, 

Hear your every thought.

Now tell me, what scares you?

I'm pretty aware that it scares many others too. 

Deep into your mind I wonder, 

Thought after Thought.

I see everthing you've ever learned, 

Everthing you were ever taught.

I listen to your heartbeat,

How it quickens at the sound of his name.

You aren't normal, are you?

So wild and untamed 

I can feel your blood boil at the sight of her, 

Their talk sickens you.

Your eyes,

They slightly glimmer when you're around him.

Are you in Love?

Your heart is as cold as ice,

Never would I even think you'd take the chance,

Roll the dice.

For someone like you,

It's odd to see such a beautiful thing.

You've already died inside,

But he's bring you back to life.

Let's play the game,

Hear his name,

Someone's going to have hell to pay.


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