Ash Black

Hair as black as night

so it blends in woth the smoke of her home villiage

Skin as white as snow

reflecting the moonlight like a mirror

Lips as red as blood


red with blood

Running in the forest

Where she held her midnight meetings with the darkness

Mother shaking in fear

sitting in front of her mirror and chanting in prayer

Mirror, mirror,

on the wall

Will ever Ash Black

Come to call?

calling the Huntsman

sent into the woods

slaughtered in the dead of night

A warrior on the way

a sword in hand

never stood a chance in that grim place

she found one more

a desprate attempt at saving her kingdom

bring the heart, she said

I will do as you say, he said

Into the night he rides

unsuspecting of the horrors until


his horse abandons him in the dark

glinting teeth

a flash of white

lips covering his

life sucked out until nothing

but a glass shell remained

cotteges infiltrated, brought down, fled

princes tricked, mauled, destroyed

taking care of it herself

for the good of her people

the apple poised, and poisoned

one bite

deep sleep

and a foolish rider

brought to life again

the pain and suffering of the nation



Awesome slam type poem, great sombre descriptions, related swell in poetry. Superb similes crafted ESP in beginning stanza. Kudos.



pleez read and comment on my poems too. 

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