Fear, something everything is born with

It can’t be washed away or forgotten

Whether it be a child’s fear of monsters in the dark

An adult’s fear of life getting torn apart

Or another’s personal insecurities

Fear is powerful and it must be heard

As if it were a giant beast tied to our feet

Every word or slightest action is pushed or pulled

By motivation to not get hurt

With every action there must be a reaction

So says the third law of Newton

We may try to run and and hide

But the beast created by fear follows close behind

His nostrils exerting hot air down our necks

Our eyes begin to leak

We are frozen

The only movement is our hair standing

The only sound we release is the sound of our teeth chattering

The clenching of our eyelids makes it all go away

The foul stench of the beast fades

The breach in front of our pupils open

The darkness flows into the shadow under our feet

And we look toward the sun above

Hoping it was all only a terror of the night

But realization of life overwhelms our souls

The sun explodes in a burst of light

Like the hydrogen bomb codenamed Ivy Mike

Shattered hopes and dreams

Free of fear we never will be

The taste of tears fills our mouths

Drowning in sadness, we fall to our knees

The earth beneath us opens

We fall into a never-ending abyss

Nothing but the cold darkness surrounds us as we fall

Anxiety and depression begin to take over

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The sound of our beating hearts are loud in our ears

A giant hand catches us and stops our fall

The beast of fear holds us gently and cradles us in its arms

The illusion of security and safety keeps us within the veil of fear

Never facing reality we now stay in the dark

For eternity we remain in false hopes

Never again will we try to accomplish goals or aspirations we once had

Standing in complete darkness, the warmth of the beast comforts us


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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