All Hallow's Eve

The night is dark, the moon is full,

The howl of wolf, the moan of ghoul.

For this night will be scary to thee,

The kiss of vampire, the scream of banshee. 


For this is the night, Oh that Night!

Where monsters and ghosts, they unite!

For on this night, you may pay a fee, 

For this night is All Hallow's Eve. 


The zombies stalk, the witches fly still,

It petrifies souls, the fear they instill.

And whoever falls behind, on this scary night, 

May join the Dark Forces. They rule the night!


Are you scared? Are you worried?

Now, Now, do't feel hurried.

We can wait for fear is a feast!

Your scream'll be short, once your deceased. 


Trick of goblin, bridge of troll,

For this night can leave such a toll.

Bad luck to all, this Halloween, 

For this night, is All Hallow's Eve. 

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