Dear English Teacher


Upper Guinea Road Lebanon, Maine
United States
43° 22' 50.8548" N, 70° 54' 53.0676" W

I don't think you understand

The effect the word 'college' has on me.

The more you talk, 

The more my heartbeat races.


Taking off like a plane to Britain

It won't stop.

Mention campus and how 'different'

things will be again, go ahead.


Turbulance after turbulance

Jolted from my seat, I rise.

I can't sit here anymore,

I have to get off.


You've pushed me past my breaking point

So I sit in the hallway, crying

I can't do college

It's not where I am mentally.


I'm still that little girl

Whose mother has to buckle in.

She walks me to the bathroom,

Makes sure I'm not scared of the plane.


I'm still on the flight Mr. English teacher

I'm not ready to land.

Maybe in a month,

Maybe in February.


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