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What if we suddenly awoke, Realized it'd all been a dream? What kind of feelings would be evoked; For us what would it mean?   And if I could give back all this time, Run back across the line,
You are what words can't describe Your beauty makes flowers Your voice makes music You a rock in my world, yet so soft like raindrop You a river that flow in essence and softness
Eight: Extremities armed for the call of the wild; the hunter marches. Seven: Strings fanning into the damp corners of cardboard castles.
Myths, Modern day myths,, -why waste anytime on it, you know its just a myth, but thinking does things as a kid was pretty lit, -then got older then reality and magic made a rift,,
otexas,don.g.nutt,59.poem,holden still bill folden its me once again its on like ghetto boys bring it on get it on im the hype the new heat thats holden straight bill collecting benjamin franklin bills im holden down the south this haters a
When I realized I was growing up There wasn’t just one instance for me First came the responsibility For I was given plenty  
I am looking for you My love In every face  Is it you? Are you the one? I wait for you Eagerly I want to know  You Look for me too
I can't show you what I've been thru, I can only show you what I look like. I can't show you what its like to be me, I can only show you what I like. I can only show you.
Charred among the ashes stirredA people left here uninterred.No beds of peace or roses here;A feast alight for blackened bird.
Dear Numbers, You represent that which words can easily explain.   You represent something lonely and lost.    You are solitary objects that only result in a continual pattern of more numbers to be defined. 
I love you I daresay, the way you hold me, the way your heart touches mine and beats in tandem, a feeling that we're tied together belong together,   I don't hurt you,
Humanity is lost and afraidAs I sit here todayI see our world enragedOur soldiers are far awayPolicemen are dying and going to their gravesI look up at the stars and I hear a voice within my heart say
In the ten years that I have lived here, I have been judged, discriminated, and hated. I have been crushed, hurt, and segregated.  I tried and gave the best I could,
Everyone preaches the great Red, White, and Blue. We've been raised to. But why do we praise Red, White, and Blue? Why is it something we so mindlessly do? Hands over our hearts, we pledge to one nation,
Unity If there is anything Our country needs more of It is That five letter word.
WE ARE   We are one world, We are one people. We are not defined by a race, We are not defined by a religion.   We are one nation,
“You’re a strong independent woman” Man I wish that were true I can barely think without it being of you We never hugged, we never kissed But oddly enough those are the things I miss
Please don't come back for my dead body in the Woods. At least there my corpse would be the king of the Flies And my soulless body won't only be home to Depression and Anxiety and
Searching, yearning, hoping For an answer besides war. A war being fought All for one. Constant if's and possibilities unknown being done All for one. Lives being threatened behind the shadows
 I love resolutions  But not just any kind  It’s not that I’m picky  But there’s one in particular  That induces beautiful heart palpitations  And the grooviest finger spasms    Don’t misunderstand  I’m not a masochist  Rather, I’d like to think o
One. This world is filled, overflowing with things, and items, and possessions, and far too many bits and pieces of lives. In a society revolving on idealistic variety and materialistic identity,
Who is that? The one who I see at the edge of my eye. One who shines from the crowd. Something is different about this person. This someone is an enigma.   Strange that I know this person,
I can guarantee that when you see me I will be  overthinking   It's a bit of a curse the outcome can hurt but I'd be lying to say it didn't have its perks  
Stranded and alone Nothing to do but look But I do have one thing A nice big book   Adventures galore Oh what this book has in store Until something new Washes up on shore  
It started with a big boom Matter, thought, a spark, she forms She emerges from this She has nothing to show   She begins to grow
She asked Him a question   which was an interesting one it was just that   suppose if He had not met Her in His life   what would He have felt missed in His life?  
How much can you bear? Why are you always on the clutches of wishes? However you are hurt you don’t seem to learn   Whenever the mind wants to stop, you continue Whenever the mind wants to continue, you stop
It’s foolish to
I am one
No: life isn't horrible. No: life isn't terrible  or terrifying. No: I cannot stand silent anymore. Yes: I will stand up for  what I know is true  and right. I may be only one voice.
How do you write one?
Curtains are drawn at night, To shield our fragile minds From obscurities Mute outside.   Half are opaque, Half are translucent. Variety feeds the filters
I’m not a poet I’m a penny flying through the air after you throw it Off the top of a building or Into the wishing well   I’m wishing well for all my brothers and sisters across the globe
live through me who lives to be
thank you for this life
Look at me behind my mask Look and see who I really am If looking could be made more than a task You’d see the mask was all a sham I built a wall and so did you We hid across the way
The shadows break free from the horizon
Never had to break a
No matter what they say it cannot change the person that you are, why do you do that, why do you let them tell you who's the star? You're one in a million; bought with a price beyond what you can see,
To my descendants: When I arrived in this role I had been given, love was blossoming in many ways. People were just learning to love people for who they are, what they are.
Indulgence is not self-expression, Nor can we all avoid repression, That is said and done, The world is overrun. Finished without.   Mirrors as walls hold back, All tears that make us crack,
As I sink into the sandy shores, I feel the turbulent ocean pull me in, Retracting and extending her bountiful body, I sit in the serenity of whimsical winds,
Born of copper intertwined, On a hot press in 1969. Never meant to be worth more than a cent, Carrying a rigid core that could not be bent. With all of the shoving, moving tossing and throwing,
You are the part of me that was always there but couldn't wake up until your gentle spirit rustled me awake.   Suddenly, but smoothly,
  Childhood last for so many years, but not very long The mind of a child lives on for so long, Until the age that you spawn as you no longer are considered a child by law
HOOK: All but one that can make this complete, All but one that can solve this mystery. VERSE: The one piece I'm looking  for it might be happiness, love, or maybe trust.
I find reasons to love you, I find reasons not to love you.
Your eyes so beautiful, Reminding me of a warm mocha coffee on a chilly, cold day, Your smile so radiant, 
 As I watch the sun come up each dawn; As I watch it set each afternoon;
  Lets drift away
I write for you. The one who is always on my mind, The one who always seems so close.   I write for you. My love, my one, my only, My life, my drive, my soul.   I write for you.
Growing up I never saw color or hair types or differences. I never knew that Suzy was different and not like me. But as kids we always ran together and played together. We would even take naps under the same tree,
i put my cap down as i arrive temperture prospered beyond 85   its summer looking for a job   dam  not having one made my momma cry  time showing the change my mind  blaze with rage 
For the greater good, for the information that the people need The people that work hard to find new technolgoies, tests, and cures that will heal the sick -   
My view, your view, his view, her view
Teacher, teacher, taught me well, just about the opposite of 'rich-as-hell'. Teacher, teacher, is what I want to be, my dream job, my soon-to-be. Teacher, teacher, with lesson plans,
I've learned how to speak and to stand on my own two feet
A beautiful house sits on a hill One that was built from scratch I watched as the owner designed it;
ONE day you'll dream a dream
If you could ask for one thing, what would it be? That was the question asked. Well, I'd pull out my magic lamp and call upon my genie,
There are two worlds in the World that God created. One is that people that can hear and hurt  and the other is people  that can't hear  My Number one dream Job would be to connect these to world.
Days, Weeks, Months, They pass. And I wait. I wait on you. I wait on a FaceTime,  A call, Some word. But you don't call. You don't FaceTime, You send no word.
When asked what I want to be 20 years from now
Disguises for hypocrisy. Blinded by democracy. Honestly, do We know why We go to war and children die? Contradicting insanity - Thou shalt not kill, all of humanity. 
I am the strange man. The man that is a boy. The boy that is a man. I play words as a decoy, I refuse to write and wrong with the same hands. So I try to write as well as I can.
One person - that is All I am - The Water welcomes me in But I refuse to be Pulled under Refuse - to be thought of as nothing   I may be One person - I will go above the expectations - set for me
One- It seems so small, tiny, miniscule But one can mean tremendous things One person can do so much.    One person can become the voice of a generation
  I measure every Canvas -with introspected eyes- I wonder if it will fit- my beautiful Disguise.   I wonder if Some see the beauty-or just what it’s worth-
Could one let a whole lifetime pass, without feeling like they've walked on broken glass?   Could one look into rain out of window, and say they've never felt a drop of sorrow?  
He's not mine to love.
My heart is beating to the rhythm of your breathing Boom, boom, boom  I grip your hand tightly holding to your warmth 
People are hated, harrased, and killed for things they could never change. Things like sking color, eye size, place of birth, and sexuality. Nobody chooses what they look like and how the world percieves them.
Feet on ground Head in the sky Making plans for the future When I am barely getting by Just happy to be smiling So lucky to be alive Whether money grows on trees Or I am begging on my knees
Walking down the street Its more than a dream Its the reality that makes my soul want to jump out of me What I see is a frightening sight All different faces but no difference inside
I reflect. I dream. I speak. I desire.  How does it even compare? A broken heart? A summer's day? They are all the same. We wander. We drift. We run. We crave.
  It hurts, that you judge But you’ll never know I keep it inside Buried below All my pain, And my pride,
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It's cold tonight, Here in this soundless, white-canvased neighborhood. Tiny scratch marks are to be found barely notched into the surface of the snow. A shiver passes over us,
I just want to be one. One of many, one of the same, one of everything. To not be shunned out like the rest but to be my self as well. Which is it, which is it would I chose given the choice.
Day one: fall. Orange leaves that crumple under shoes Crazy loud thunderstorms. Is it hot out or is it cold? The ever-falling leaves, like sand in an hour glass My days falling to the ground.
Another day stuck in dismay Rain clouds follow me everywhere Just another bad day they say I know they don't even care
I have a cat, and then I had three, four, five. Alonelyness. Feeling the world caving in, the door to a better life closing day by day. Alonleyness.
You saw me there yelling for help You didn't care You saw the pain You could have helped me up You knocked me down instead You kept hurting me You didn't care
One day you will realize how much you hurt us physically and mentally One day you will see the pain in our faces One day you will noticed how many lives you ruined
I wake up, 5 am as usual I get ready for the torture ahead I arrive at school I walk down the hall to my first class I sit down "GROSS!"
Ridiculed, the punch-line to every joke. Do not tell me what to do, I am not a part of you. Don't you know it hurts? The scars gather as well as the tears. Deeper they dig into my skin. Fears.
Feeling lost and so alone No one to turn to Somedays you just gotta hold your own Empty heart and broken dreams No one to turn to All alone and ripping at the seams Beaten down and can't get up
Though very different God made us One. Gay, Gender confused, Bi We are One. Together we can protect Our brothers and sisters For we are One and for One we stand.
'A kiss is a speial touch of feeling on your lips of another. When these two lips touch, magic happens and your lips start to tingle.
My inspiration No valid reason Just a person Only one He changed me My ways of life For the better I couldn't fight I wouldn't fight Just caught flight Continued to soar
In the realm of gods and men Man shall prosper, god will end Broken mind, strong will is bent Soul is freed, body now spent So stand and pretend And embrace as if friends.
No one here No one there No one anywhere Shame has shown Make it known It starts at home Fear came in Life begins We start again No one here No one there No one anywhere
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