An Elegant, Exquisite Poem?

How do you write one?

They read mine and run away

They read, "Hugged by the warmth of the bright, yellow sun"

They shed a tear and say,

"A fine masterpiece 

Couldn't have said it any other way!"


An elegant, exquisite poem?

How do you write one?

Do I have to rhyme?

Be polite?

Does it have to chime

With the endless chimes on Christmas Day?


They say it has to appeal 

To the audience of this day!

That's a problem!

I want my poems to reflect emotions!

Not have each line end with the word bae!

Man that's cray!


An elegant, exquisite poem?

How do you write one?

Google here I come

Wait! Halt!

Does one even exist?

Man I am just really pissed. 


Cause they all say:

"It has to move me emotionally"

I listen as I tighten my fist

I add that onto my list

I compile a poem with everything they told me about

Yet, their disapproval of my poems persist!


Why do I even bother?

Wait! Halt!

What did I just do?

Six exquisite stanzas!

Six elegant ones too!

An elegant, exquisite poem? Yes it does exist!





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