g a z i n g.

Never had to break a
h           ea
before, but 
there's a first time for everything. 
The look in his eyes when I said that this 
isn't working broke me down and I 
hate crying. Was it the amount of love 
that I put in the relationship? Did I love him 
more than I felt? Or did I just not want to 
make a good man cry?
It was harder than I thought, cutting ties and what not, but it was for the absolute best. 
He can roam free 
and find someone better than me. 
Meanwhile, I g a z e upon the options but only want one to be in my 
That was the goal: 
If I can't have him, I won't have anyone. 
If someone can change that perception, take off the glasses that I have on now 
and change my vision, 
then he is the one.
is the one that was sent to 
went through all the restraint and rejection to be in
arms. That is the one that 
have earned, deserve, the one that is right for 
Until then, I'm just g a z i n g
No more breaking
h             ea
or (weak) moments
Just gazing.


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