It's Better Because It's Mine

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 00:14 -- Tavonh1

A beautiful house sits on a hill

One that was built from scratch

I watched as the owner designed it;

a house perfectly in tact

He added his own windows, 

his own floors, and his own roof.

It was beauty in both his eyes and mine

But to others it was aloof


He worked and he polished

And made it just right

But to all the others

It was a lost cause and a sore sight

All of his time and effort was spent

planning for the future,

removing all the cracks and dents


You're wasting your time

All the others would say

You will regret your decision

You'll see one day!


So he removed all the floors

that he loved so much

He took out the windows

and replaced them as such.

He continued this process

until there was no more

than the roof he had bought

and that beautiful wood door


See this poem is not

Really about a house,

but a dream that someone had

that's now as small as a mouse

He let other's opinions

dictate his dream.

Now  he is stuck with a reality

That was never as good as it seemed.


If only he had persisted,

and stayed in the race

and kept his dream alive,

He would be in a much better place!



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