Modern Myths

Myths, Modern day myths,,

-why waste anytime on it, you know its just a myth,

but thinking does things as a kid was pretty lit,

-then got older then reality and magic made a rift,,

I don't know what happened, must of been of shift,,

Its prolly cause of work you know from doing all the shifts,,

Modern-day struggle we get hit with so much shit,

-but its only short-lived cause the things don't ever stick,,

What I'm tryna say is, they always mention mad gods,,

Hercules, Cupid, Theseus and that Pan God,,

Zeus, Thor, Poseidon, and Ra you know the Sun God,

But in my world, there's none, just one and I'm your son God,,

With all of that said, you know where my stance is,,

Giving it my all, cause with the lord is where my heart is,,

He gave me a brush so I'm painting out my canvas,,

God made me in his image so don't tell me who the God is.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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