Ubiquitous Savior

As I sink into the sandy shores,
I feel the turbulent ocean pull me in,
Retracting and extending her bountiful body,
I sit in the serenity of whimsical winds,
white as a ghost, the foam oozes between toes
and silhouettes my body as I wish for something more,
And then I realize that I have everything and more
I need nothing more, for
Her beauty seeps into my body,
Making us into one 
She drags us both into her mysterious estuary
I wish to be nowhere else
I have everything I want and more
Her foreboding nature does not damn me
I have bestowed my trust in her,
Here I am assured,
Here I am beautiful, I am who I ought to be,
And with rest assured,
I sink into the sandy shores,
Shifting in and out of consciousness.


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