The One

It’s foolish to base your livelihood

on 1 person.

But isn’t it attractive?

How easy is it to soothe the skin

a warm, velvet blanket;

someone who melts away darkness

makes you forget everything 

but the delightful feeling when around them. 


Yes, dream. It is possible;

but not every kind face will love you unconditionally

at your most vulnerable. 

The ugly, worn and lowest version of yourself

will scare off most. 

Search for a person

who will accept what others disregarded:

they will be the one to embrace the scars. 


Look in the mirror

you are more than what you are.

Before the flaws-

loving, kind, and nurturing

to those graced by your influence.

Please, do not overlook this.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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