We Are


United States
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We are one world,

We are one people.

We are not defined by a race,

We are not defined by a religion.


We are one nation,

We hold one love.

We are not defined by sexual orientation,

We are not defined by economic status.


We must look past the walls of hate,

We must break down the fence of indifference,

We must act as a whole, express love for all to know.

We must share a little kindness, stand up against hate.


We have hungry people on the streets,

Yet you create hate because someone won't bake you a cake.

We have homeless vets, but you are more worried about

Becoming a ‘Belieber,’ rather than stand up for the life riskers.


We have police dying everyday, from big babies, authority they surely hate,

But yes, let’s focus on the Braves game, rather the brave heroes protecting you everyday.

We have children in juvy,

Only because their parents teach them that drugs are groovy.


We will get things done, only working as one.

We are all equal, defined only by biology.

You would know this if you focused more on studies, rather than hating.

We are one world, we need to do some changing


Young girls being raped, men can’t take men on dates.

Do anything different than what others say, hell bound you are.

Dreamers looking at the stares, crushed like a broken arm.

Youth being ignored by people who think that just because they are grown, everything they  surely know.


We are the only way,

We are the future,

We are the change,

We. Are.


This poem is about: 
My country


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