Breathe the Earth

The shadows break free from the horizon

The water dances under the moon.

Feel the universe align

It’s coming soon.

The flowers blooming dew dripped petals

Rain will come to nourish the earth.

As this soul begins to settle

It brings new birth.

Our eyes will hold this world in breathless view

The stars glow from on high ever beautiful.

Love will diverge from me to you

I can feel the pull.

The clouds will pour the water to the trees

Our oxygen comes from the cloud.

We take for granted this breeze

Ignorance hides us in shroud.

I am this earth and all it has sprung from forth its womb

I am the trees and grass, the birds that eat the seeds

Hold in me life that will transcend the tomb

Coming as the earth breathes.

I feel your heart when mine offers forth a beat

I feel your breath every time I inhale

No strangers can I meet

From one we hail.


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