I am Infinity, beginning and the end

Disguises for hypocrisy.

Blinded by democracy.

Honestly, do We know why

We go to war and children die?

Contradicting insanity -

Thou shalt not kill, all of humanity. 


Programmed, force fed a lie,

Desensitize the sympathizing eye,

Don't hear the screams and cries.

Cascading red dried up with time.

Greedy minds and hidden crimes

divide mankind.


Others - brothers, in root not in birth.

Blood runs through the veins of our true Mother, Earth. 

Spiritual rebirth, blossoming spirals, 

surging tidal waves of revolution.

Consciousness evolution, we are one, beginning and the end. 

Unite and fight the power that enslaves the mind of man. 


We are change and the creator.

We are the infinite innovator.

We are the love and our own savior.









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