We are the Perfect Love

I love you I daresay,

the way you hold me,

the way your heart touches mine and beats in tandem,

a feeling that we're tied together

belong together,


I don't hurt you,

you don't hurt me even at our darkest.

We've built a base,

a base for our unconditional trust,

a trust where at a glance,

we know,


You see?

We are perfect my love,

the perfect love I daresay,

unlike the others,

our love stands out.


Just look at them-- they're bored,

unlike us,

because whenever I look into your eyes,

I see a new lucky star.


I know now what I did wrong,

I did not express our manifest of this love.

So I'm sorry.


And that'll be my last point,

we don't stand our ground,

we forgive,

which is why we are the perfect love.


So I'm sorry my love.

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My community
Our world
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