We Are All One

Growing up I never saw color or hair types or differences.
I never knew that Suzy was different and not like me.
But as kids we always ran together and played together.
We would even take naps under the same tree,
20 years later and Suzy is still the same, not black or different, she's just like me.
We are all ONE.

Walking down the street and I get scolded at for being Hispanic.
"Don't sit next to her, they're dirty people." A mother tells her daughter about me.
Her daughter listens but her mother doesn't realize the galvanic feeling she had caused.
Anger, hate, embarrassed and ashamed are feelings that were rushing in me like an angry sea.
Why do people classify themselves, why must we be apart. We must all pause....and think.
We are all ONE.

Suzy and I still remain the best of friends.
We never once look at each others skin color nor do we think we are different,
Suzy and I can relate to each other, we do not pretend our friendship, but we do defend it.
No one should be bullied because of their skin color or nationality.
We are all together in this war we call life.
We are all One.

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