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When I ponder about life's existence, I have patience rather than vanity In the American experience- USA, with gloat, loses sanity;   Grasping this entire world of disorder,
  When looking for the best reflective surface, One needs to be careful. You have to be very particular,
Hush my dear Shed no tear Keep it all inside   Turn your head As I go to bed And utter not a sound   Love has no respect for me Waste not your devout sympathy
Ain't given a chance For romance With education Ain't worth living  Without giving To this nation That doesn't want No talk About immigration  Especially those without legality
A few simple words can make the whole world turn,
You drown my thoughts Make it impossible for me to do everyday tasks I can't go to the store and buy a single thing The feeling of your weight on my shoulders stops me You follow me wherever i go 
The Hand of God
The voices, they whisper drink drink drink The addiction irresistible and you are unable to think You feel the guilt and shame You start playing the blame game
Different stages of Life
I'm fragile and shattered
     Speak up, speak down, any direction, it just needs to get somewhere.
  drown your regrets as you forget them for a while
Threw it all when You lost it all Threw the cause you find a way Just to let us know and say I'm with you today And when you are beaten down  You get right back up  When you try You never give up
the sky was red,
"I love you so much it hurts"
The word Taken can mean a lot of things. I knock on the door of taken but it tells me there is no one home
Sometimes it is hard to express my thoughts but, he understands my silence Sometimes it is hard to express my sorrow but, he understands my tears Sometimes it is hard to express my happiness
I'm a lover Not a fighter But i won't fight  In this war of love  
There is nothing I hate more than to watch people suffer with problems they could easily solve, all because they're too afraid to say something. Everyone has that thing they can't say to anyone else
I sit In my stuffy bedroom, Ceiling fan buzzing, Doing little to fan the flames in my head. You struck a match in my brain That has been contained over time, But to this day,
I’m always talking about talking. Almost every poem I write stresses the importance of using your words, or the joys of finding your voice, or the pain that comes with being speechless,
Love sucks in a lot of ways. Not to get too teenagery on you, But isn’t it kind of stupid How you can bare your soul to someone And then be worn to shreds by that exact same someone later
-What is true? -you? -me? -us? -Yes!!! -This isn't perplex! -you...... -me....... -we....... -It looks like we were meant to be! -and what is true about you?
Shattered beer bottles are what's left of our fight Since the bumps and bruises rarely last long I can always feel the tempest coming But I always forget that you are stong We are at each other's throats constantly
we've all loved We've all lost But all can be found We'll all live We'll all die We'll always strive For better or worse To love and be loved We'll find whT was once lost is now found
 We worked, long ,hard nights... diligently.
The life that we praise, what we call a perfect one, is not within reach,  but the life we call our own is just as desirable. 
to be Heard rip opEn the chest  And feel the emotions  Ripped from your lips hear Me, oh future, oh past hEar me, oh children born, old men dead Now is the time to act
All my life I had no clue what my purpose was for living,
My words are written in the book of life. Whether it be that they contain joy or strife. I am what i proclaim all myself to be. For the only one to stare back through the mirror
What is love?
It's just another day together We talk
Lonely girl is so far up above the world. She orbits around, without an anchor to ground her.
I am in a constant state of unhappiness. In my unhappiness, the happiness is blotted out By a blank state of staring at something that should, but almost isn’t there
You make me feel so real I lay awake at note thinking of you I close my eyes and see only you Do you realize what you do to me? Why can you not understand me? I know you like me,but why baby why
Man,seems like this generation is changing   kids killing parents well this generation is amazing   racism still racing, families break up and now daddy is on vacation  
  Envy the Blind
The sharp and the stabbingLike the shards of a broken bottleAnd its gleaming smoothnessLike the beads of a necklaceThey cut my stomach  liningLuminescent- like stolen stars
Those were “my girls”, Those were “my niggas”. I didn’t care about what no one said about me,
Stream of consciousness. A fill of void and mess.  Generalizing my distress in a field in which I won't digress. Yes, we are all in this world together.
She's got rock star style with that beauty queen flare. She has my full attention with just the flip of her hair. She's got a lot of class, I can't even deny.
I await the arriving of my enemy to render myself.
My love for you is an ocean I fell in, no turning back So immense No one understands
It is my serenity My escape when reality is too much to bare. Freedom among that unexplainable And you are the guide.   You guided me here, To this vast wonderland of beauty.
At the time when I was youngI saw life and thought it beautiful.Never once thinking of it in depth,Never once asking it of anything.As life grew around me, so did I
The soft touch. the sweet gaze . What makes me fall and be so enganged ? Every kiss every touch makes my heart beat ever so much ...
I'm too proud to cry in front of you.
The lone days of summer that alters your attention to yourselfSummerThe days that will last for hours and create new memoriesSummerThe season on which you will learn how to say goodbye Summer
I waited for you ever since you set a smile on my face. I will wait for you as my heart races. I want to say "I Love You", but I am scared. Maybe that is why I think the world is unfair.
I’m afraid of myself I’m afraid that I will never succeed I’m afraid that my parents will be disappointed in my decisions I’m afraid that the world will not accept me for who I am  
My despair and sorrow is behind me
My other half now lies lifeless
Together I am with my soul’s twin
My voice rings clear and bright
Breaking out of my shell A drop of dew
At the origin of everything
Sitting at the house of light in the dark  Looking on the ocean  Finding a bottle of dreams being lost at sea 
Look above me and you will find An unfinished song forgotten over time The notes are perfect in my heart they will collide
Some sounds are echoes Some are whispers Some demand to be heard and possess your mind Some just flow past you like a chill Some sounds hurt you from the inside out and make you want to crawl out of your skin
When words fail;  When time runs out; When all is said and done; Though the mode of expression has run thin, I still love you.
Throughout my whole life, I know an angel was near by,
Love of those around you goes deeper than one may know Love is seeded in the heart and stronger than anything One love stronger than any you may find is the love of a grandmother She wipes your tears
A piece of my mind,thought so divine 
You and I, we are like the tides, you and I.   Yet, ups and downs, we carry on.   Sadly but true, this love is felt by few. Sadly, but true.   Yet,
You’re so mesmerizing; you’re the definition of desire. My heart throbs at the sight of you. You’re layered with sensitivity and covered in morality, which defines you.
You were the one who was gonna save my heart Instead you broke it into a thousand parts Every time exactly the same But I thought you were different the first time you said my name I fell but you didn’t catch me
A huge deception Held out too far to reach, right in front of us Even by those we trust It’s behind all the tears that leak out of our eyes Our sighs, our cries of desperation And frustration
A Treasure. So beautiful. Desired at first site. Corruptive to the soul. Corruption of the marvelous. Or the zealous.
You had my heart and you took it,  My soul, my energy, my love  How could you ?  You tried to take my life,  And flip it,  Who I was,  A foul for you, Who I am,
Standing here, afraid.Afraid of my own heart,Afraid of my own mind.Do I tell you how I really feel?Do I take the risk?
Some of them melt your heart or leave you sour Make you dream for hours but most will give you the illusion of love Isn’t funny, how senseless someone can be Wasted emotions, that end up crawling back only to have a bite How can someone be all yo
What an ugly thing fueled in fate covered in scars coated in blackness dripping in blood  and tears.   To be afraid  is the feel pain. You can't be you.
Sometimes we grow up in a world of sadness being abandoned, forgotten and lost  we never forget, all the badness I wonder if this was all a lost cause Never being told you could do it
I am Africa not because of my skin I am Africa it is who I am I will go  if you dare not go I will save my people while you watch silently but WE ask "help. please."
This man is my light, my rock, my shinning star and setting sun,
They can take away your guns, your money, and your rights, They can put down your revolts, Put an end to your fight, But they can't take away your words, And that's why I write. We're at war, But what for?
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