A foul of love


You had my heart and you took it, 
My soul, my energy, my love 
How could you ? 
You tried to take my life, 
And flip it, 
Who I was, 
A foul for you,
Who I am,
Somebody that know what I want, 
My hops , my dreams was ending,
Until I open my eyes, 
And saw you, 
I love you, 
But time was not on our side,
I  needed you to wait, 
But you left me,
I love you, 
So I took the blame for your actions, 
Who am I, 
A foul for loving, 
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I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Perhaps this person loves you deeply, but is confused by life situations. Communication is key in any relationship, romance and friendship. When questions are unanswered, it could leave one to make decisions that could be better. A lot of confusion makes it difficult to make progress. Maybe see if he or she is confused. If you can, try to answer his or her questions to resolve what he or she might be wondering. You could see things one way and he or she may not completely understand the situation. You deserve that same love though. A beautiful poem...

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