A New Hope


Sometimes we grow up in a world of sadness

being abandoned, forgotten and lost 

we never forget, all the badness

I wonder if this was all a lost cause

Never being told you could do it

always trying your hardest to get through it 

you just never understood how all this could have happened

you tried never giving up

but sometimes it would just happen 

everyone you knew had a rock of stone

support, love, and a home

But there you stood so confused

What had happened to your parents 

who never supported you 

Not knowing what love was

but only lonelyness 

Being in a place where they didnt care

they didnt provide, or say i love you

you felt like no one was there

you would put a mask on 

and pretend everything was OK

But in reality it hate 

You were placed, place to place

you would get tired of it 

nobody knew your name

you were a ghost inside 

sometimes you just wanted to die

finally the day came you turned 18

maybe it was time for you to fly

and spread your wings

Graduation was coming up

you were going to leave eventually

but after graduation was best

one night you got home late 

from a banquet that was planned 

they started screaming and yelling at you 

just because you said you like work, church and school best

you run to your room and start crying 

youve never been so hated 

why was life like this

she told me to leave and never come back

maybe it was out of anger

i asked a friend if i could stay with her

my fostermom didnt want me there any more

she said yes lynda yes you can 

im sorry you had to go through that 

im sorry for everythin that has happened 

stay with me and my family 

God provides, and you dont have to leave 

We'll take you to work, church and school

the places you love most

and we'll be your family 

I was in schock not knowing the feeling of love

I've never been accepted before 

or loved 

I was in a dark world at the begging

hating everything I've gone through and not accepting him

But when the door opened wide

I felt the spirit inside

GOD my father hes the light

my path was set clear, and i could see again

I had hope i could make it

and a plan

GOD told me he had a hope a future and a plan

Now i know that the things i went through was the map

There will be bumps and obsticles

troubles, and things of the unknown

But Hes the light and my guide 

The love and the healer of my life 

I'm thankful for the knowing of my 

Savior Jesus Christ 






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