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United States
45° 24' 19.2672" N, 122° 59' 26.7072" W
United States
45° 24' 19.2672" N, 122° 59' 26.7072" W

the sky was red,
the clouds were spaced perfectly in thick lines.
her face was radiant, standing there by the window.
her eyes captured the beauty of the sky that day.
i could feel emotions flowing through her body.
what she thought of me, what she thought of herself, what she thought of life.
i could see the fear, fear of not knowing how she felt that day or even why.
not knowing why she felt the way she did towards me, but she knew she liked it.
she was scared of life. will she ever know what she'll do with hers, will she enjoy it, will she make it....would it be enough??
i can see it in her eyes everytime i look at her.
can i help?? who knows...i can try though...right?
sometimes i wish that for just one day i could feel what its like to be her.
have that understanding that only she has so that maybe just maybe i could make her life easier.

she has this look.
this look that only she can give,
a look of love, of want, of need.
it screams happiness and sadnes.
this look that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.
her body is flawless, her mind elegant.
her personality was to die for.


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