Love at First Story

Tue, 06/10/2014 - 23:58 -- RPrado

I await the arriving of my enemy to render myself.

The doors of my kingdom open with a wistle in the air.


A black dress that says she has a soul of lonelyness,

red lips like the first inhail of spring,

chick bones of an angel

black and red hair as the fire of gods, 

a body more magistic than a red full moon,

and eyes- lighter than the stars at night.


I greed her with a goodnight and a smile.

She smiles back; puts my spirit greater than the sun in the highest skies.

She says, "I am your enemy, but there is nothing to regret."

She reaches to my heart and takes it out as gentle as she looks.

Holding my heart in her palm of her hand-

I fall to the ground while she says," I am your queen that you have been waiting for."

I am more than glad of leting my defences down.



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