Ain't given a chance

For romance

With education

Ain't worth living 

Without giving

To this nation

That doesn't want

No talk

About immigration 

Especially those without legality

There is no morality

With kicking me out

Hearing me shout

Seeing me kick

Listening to me screaming and pleading

"Let me stay in your country please"

Falling to my knees

Not because I chose to be

Because you are forcing me

Because you deplore me???

For making a living

Digging ditches

Picking fruits

Drilling screws

Filling holes

Mowing lawns

Serving food

Paving roads

Leaving our families

To cook for you

To clean for you

To build for you

And to run from you

Because we're not like you

But we try too

Just fit in

Because we strive too

Work by you


That is to hard

To comprehend

To deep to mend

The scars of cultures

Can't work together

You keep me tethered

Keep us from being partners

Let us go to your schools

Let us learn new tools

Let us study

Don't make us kill for money

Don't give us no other chance

Don't let the streets get bloody

Give us this one romance

We want to survive

We have the drive

To strive for better

But you give us no choice

We hurt and die

To have a voice

The reason for the violence

Isn't because of us

It's because of you

The few

Commanding the many

No school no degree

No more money

We carry the load

That the legals would loath

And wouldn't dare to carry

Not even forced to

Under law

Or anything at all

While our Fathers leave their family

To finally

Give them what they deserve

Go through a horrible journey

Feeling lonely

But face it undeterred

This kinda treatment is delusional


Land of the free

Yet you make us flee

You take the only thing we want


For the next generation

Destroy the drug war

Let us study more

Open a new door

Take us off the floor

And onto the stage

Because there ain't no way

In this day and age

That I'm going to conform

With anything less

Than reform



Powerful words, incredible

Musical Impurities

Thank you bro :)

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