Love of those around you goes deeper than one may know

Love is seeded in the heart and stronger than anything

One love stronger than any you may find is the love of a grandmother

She wipes your tears

She calms your fears

She comforts and loves no matter what

She is a supporter

She kisses the scrapes that you would’ve never gotten if you didn’t convince her “my parents let me do it all the time”

She gives you ginger-ale when you over eat the cookies she made you

She sings you to sleep when you’re homesick after she lets you stay up super late

She puts every drawing on the fridge and your family’s history on the walls

She teaches you how to make cookies and how to swim

She colors with you and reads with you

She goes out of her way to care for

She tells you everything’s okay even when it’s not

She is stern but with a soft loving voice

She is strict in her own sweet nature

She holds you close and leaves lipstick marks on your cheek no matter how old you get

Her lap is always big enough for you

Her heart has no limit it only grows

She adopts so many people

Little kids run around and look to her as their own grandma

She loves Grandpa

She puts him before her

She always takes care of him

Her gentleness smoothes over his sharp edges

She always knows the right thing to do

She always know when something is a little off, when you have the slightest pain in your heart

She knows when it’s sad tears, not allergies.

When it’s a runny nose from a long hard cry and not the sniffles

When tears washed of the mascara and you didn’t just forget to put it on

She knows when you don’t eat because something is bothering you not just an upset stomach

She knows when you are only faking your smile to get by

She shares some of the little tiny movements of life with you

She lets you sit at her feet and eat the peel as it comes of the apple

She takes you on walks and watches you chase butterflies

She laughs when you try to catch a squirrel

She worries when you scurry up a tree like a squirrel

She lets your curiosity soar

She holds your hand and walks you through

She expects you to meet challenges and she knows you’ll succeed even when you believe you’ll fail

She has hopes and dreams beyond what you can imagine yourself

She motivates you

She always sees your better side

She always finds your silver lining

She is forever yours and you are forever her baby

Love your grandmother with all your heart she is the most amazing thing in the world


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