American Ignorance


They can take away your guns, your money, and your rights, They can put down your revolts, Put an end to your fight, But they can't take away your words, And that's why I write. We're at war, But what for? They don't answer any questions, The President likes to use words like "sequester", To confuse the people who are lazy as can be, How do we get them to listen?, Is there anyone like me?, Someone who goes off on rants, Because they cut federal grants, Education is falling through, And people say things like "Treyvon who?", It's all overthe news, yet no one cares if Zimmerman will lose. Please open your ears, And hear what I hear, Stop watching Jersey Shore, The news matters more. You can make a difference, Right now I'll make an inference, If you could turn off the TV, And opened your eyes for five minutes to see, Your perspective would be changed, It wouldn't be so deranged. I'm begging you tohear whatI have to say, And that's why i write, For my voice to be heard, And your vision to be un-blurred, To keep people aware, To pleed for people to care.


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