Protecting You


All my life I had no clue what my purpose was for living,

I was beginning to think that I had no purpose for living,

But that all changed from the moment that I met you,

From then on, I knew what my purpose was for living.


My one and only purpose for living was to protect you,

From the moment that I had laid eyes upon you,

I felt like it was my job to protect you from any harm,

I have no idea why I even got the urge to protect you.


I then started to realize why I felt the need to protect you,

It was because I fell completely in love with you,

I have no idea exactly when I fell in love with you,

All I know is that I truly love you with all my heart.


You have become extremely important to me,

And I really don't want to lose you ever!

I will protect you for as long as I am still living,

I don't care how much pain I have to endure!


Your safety is more important than my own,

I'll make sure that you are safe for the rest of your life,

And not only will I protect for the rest of my life,

But I will also make you extremely happy!


Your happiness is also very important to me,

And if you're happy then I am also happy!

And I will also be there when you are in trouble,

Or when ever you need someone to talk to.


I will always treat you better than a queen,

I'll be there if you need to cry on someone's shoulder.

I'll always put your needs before my own,

And I hope that one day you'll fall in love with me!


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