The voices, they whisper drink drink drink

The addiction irresistible and you are unable to think

You feel the guilt and shame

You start playing the blame game

But why? What has torn your life apart this much that you are lost with no direction?


The want, the desire, the need

It runs deep flowing in your body thicker than your own blood

You're addicted

You're living in a broken and dysfunctional home

You're abusive and in denial

You get the shakes

You feel like you are escaping your problems

When you are truly just causing pain to the ones you love


Why would you kill yourself?

Why would you risk losing everyone?

Why would you hurt people who would give their lives for you?

You are selfish that's why

You think if you drink just one drink nothing will happen

Well look where you are now

Sad, alone, deserted

All because you wanted to fit in

Well join your friends in the grave because no one wants to be around you anymore

You have ruined our relationship and everything we had together

Do you think,

You drink too much?

There has been a change in your every day habits?

Because everyone else has noticed it

And everyone else has tried to stop it

But you are the one,

With the problem

The constant need for alcohol

You are the one

Who has the hallucinations

Who has the constant fear of everything

And you are the only one that can stop it

If you want acceptance from your family and friends

Change your attitude

Find a way to stop

And make a full hearted attempt to solve the problem


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