Different Stages Of Life

Different stages of Life

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? What did it felt like, what it smelled like? While I do it was on Wednesday February 28, 1996.This was the first he held me the first time our eyes locked. I felt loved for the first time…

His Appearance Was The First Thing That Caught My Eye…His big brown eyes his warm and glowing smile. We were meant to be... I was his and he was mine. When I looked at him I saw myself someone who could be greater than the average person because I had him to cling to, to call on when I needed help someone who was always was going to be in my corner..

We saw each other every day we spent every waking hour together in each other’s arms, it was something about him I couldn’t shake...

He was and is my protector and I’m glad I met him when did.

                                                        He is My Father: Gregory Lamont Baker


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