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Separation is lonely, Separation is also cold. I feel sad and my heart hurts. Someone I loved disappeared Without any warning. By Elliott Schoenung-Cranley
It is wonderful that you unilaterally
Meu amor quando você sai Quando você vai embora É minha lua indo embora É meu sol desaparecendo Eu não como
i am happy to come out here to talk about Dr Charles how he helped me with my marriage scandal, it wasn't easy for me when my husband left me, i was pregnant at that time life was very had for me i cried my eyes out, i couldn't even tell my family
Why do you want to go? I love you, many a times I told you so Still you want to go and leave me alone Then I won't stand in your way like a stone Although I'll cry for you round-the-clock
2 minutes, and I'll see you. I'm looking forward to it. We haven't spoken in a while. I hope you still think kindly of me.2 minutes, and the wind rushes by me. It signals your arrival. I barely recognize you walking toward me.
I've lost my position as Queen at the throne. My king, my life, my home, all slipping away, gone. Your loss, due to the fuck shit you be on. Soon I will sit in emptiness, be isolated and alone.
Let's connect to reality; turn off the electricity, lie in the silence that invades us. I'll hear you for lack of the other sounds that made us bearable, one to the other.
I am not beautiful, I repeat this tune, I hide away in my cocoon, Try to disappear, Loose in the crowd, 
    It was difficult to hear at such a young age. She should’ve known it was bound to happen. They weren’t happy anymore.
And it was after you I realized why the lord made angels in heaven far away from humans. I fell to my knees aching to touch those fluttering wings on your back
My first love was a boy whose beauty could have put Aphrodite's to shame For his eyes glimmered in the sun like gems And his smile beamed so brightly it flocked dozens to him But this boy stuck to my side
Calm overwhelms me   Breaking and splintering the anger and painThe words you spoke to me may heal with time But scars take far longer to fade    I stand tall  
One day, you’ll be gone and I won’t know what to do with my life after you are. The sad thing is you won’t leave earth you’ll just go really far.
A Year Alone I chose to go, to somewhere that was quite unknown.   A Year Alone; A long plane flight. I cried myself to sleep that night.   A Year Alone, Strange Family.
We have a light in our hearts Those dreams that have made us stars But you've been staying out having fun   Time and time again You said those games would end You're a picky one  
Her eyes are just like the deep blue ocean; His smile shines as bright as the sun above. When she looks at him she sees devotion. He knows she is everything he's dreamed of.
Feels like a suffocating nightmare  Your heart constantly pounding as though it will burst out of your skin Your eyes filled with tears 
The distance between us was this thin metal wall as the world passes by and no emotion would fall into the distance where echoes were heard but not a sound from people
I wonder if they lost an ounce of sleep Or worried if you had any food to eat Did they even shed a tear? Longing and wishing you were near   When pains of poverty rapped at the door
I once whispered to the moon Pleading with my eyes that it would answer back In a swirling haze, the night drew on No whispers back   And my legs were too weak To stand, I was too weak
Light and dark Good and bad Happy and sad Sun and moon Ground and sky You and me What all do these have in common They are separate, But together they Make one functional system
Light and dark Good and bad Happy and sad Sun and moon Ground and sky You and me What all do these have in common They are separate, But together they Make one functional system
Tina, my bathroom won’t smell like your hairspray and I won’t hear your thunder in someone else’s voice but if your heart chooses to grow, I hope you’ll come to know
I believe we may have missed it the year of reconciliation The prospect of harmony, of order Just a smidgen from symmetry the precarious plane tipped
If I were to have just one wish, I'd wish for just one careful kiss Upon my lips-chapped though they be, Oh, Sorrow! That you can't love me.
who are we now sometimes i don't feel like we're the same souls whose eager teeth met by the brick river on days like this i wonder what it would be like to be us again-
"Where did the connection go?" He asks as he sits on his phone, his body language screams, "Engrossed in a world that's not his own."
Dear father, Where were you? When you said you will always be there for me ,was that true? You punished me for mybad actions but then told me it was outta love  You told me if i ever needed you, I could just call 
As you embark on this journey of life It is imperative that you know I am with you Although we're miles apart In distance and in heart Somehow, I will remain with you
white to the point where she's alwaysmistaken for sick she'sgot those orchid eyespink on top and purple on bottomwhat is sleep?"to die, to sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream"she dreams only about him
In my dreams, we have a home together I'm a little bit older, but you never age We come home from work— But it isn't work, we love our jobs— We embrace the way we always do
Dear Mother, who is dear to me no longer,    
I wait Wait for the final accolades Instead life hands me a hundred promenades Promenades of infinite choices Appearing in my head as infinite voices
A Letter to an Absent Father   Dear father- or rather to the man Who simply donated DNA. I'm not sure if I can call you "Dad" Anymore because a father is 
Dear Rose,  
Vital Severing   Do you remember me? You taught me how to sing I took your everything Your tears still stain my keys   Our vital severing Brought growing pains
Because I love you I will look out for you I will take care of you I will not hurt you   Because I love you We may argue sometimes We might get angry, but We will always say, “I’m sorry”.   Because I love you You will never be alone You will never
It’s been a few days, Since I’ve looked in your eyes But I know the joy is gone, And you feel empty inside. I peek over my shoulder, Catch you turning away. You think I didn’t notice,
It's been a while now That I've had a liking for you Hidden in the shadows of our friendship Slowly kindled for years Perhaps it could be love But who knows, There was no intention
Explosions are everywhere Crash, the earth shakes The flood gates open And chaos breaks All you can do is watch with wide eyes
There was an earthquake at his core. A warm, beautiful crack in his porcelain skin. The fracture stretched from wilting lips To the sultry caress of midnight breeze
Static: all consuming, never fading. Like the buzz of cicadas, never dissapating. I inhale but the air never reaches my lungs. Dread, despair, and stress: over-run. You kiss my lips,
(Do You Still Love Me?)   How lucky these sheets would have been to know you.
Icy like mint
DivorceFrom the Latin term,DivortiumMeaning separation.No questions askedThis is what it is.The divorce between thoseWho brought you to the Place you are now. Like an IVStuck in my hand With anesthesia free flowingThroughout my bloodstream. I fell
It's hard being a person of color Why they ask? Even the world questions it With all the rich hues of the rainbow and our skin is perfected from that We are still separated,blinded by these old slave rules..
I'm falling hard, but it's my time to go.  Be who I'm destined to be they say, but what do they really know.   Senior Year.    I've had enough of this crap, I'm done. 
The trains go by The airplanes fly But nothing compares To my despair I would walk a thousans miles And still not reach the one who smiles So perfectly in the light Whose person shines so bright
With every unsaid wordbetween us,a new brick is addedto our wall of silence. This silence begannaturally as wegrewboth up and apart.
The sky exposes my melancholy and distress, I won't be the girl next to you in a white dress. Why did you ruin our dreams? Perhaps it was a nighmare in reality and woke you up in screams.  
His intoxicating music controlled the gopis with such force. They danced and Radharani was feeling great rejoice. Until Krishna left with no choice.  
I wish i had another time or place but most of all a chance to turn back the days back to when were good but leave me with the brains and ability i have now. Maybe I would have forgiven you longer
Voices call my name, their words riding on the wind 
You were gone for so long Now you're back Gone for too long Eleven months and twenty three days to be exact   Oh how I missed you Your cold touch Your green skin
This is my tomb, a never ending void. A creation of an alternate reality
I am not your Mother, I am not your Father,  but my love for you runs thick, I am not your Sister, I am not your Brother, But I will always play with you, I am not your lover,
It was a great time, But wait WHAT? You are leaving me right?  No, my mind cannot handle this I am falling into pieces and cannot resist The departure made me mad Each part of my brain is bursting
When I mix grayscale with pink, Just to find gray ink. When all silver linings I caught, came shimmering down like the last rain of spring.   Whose blood am I spilling, like the rain?
looking from the outside i seem normal; looking from the outside my skin is flawless;
Aught afore the mountains And afore ye seven seas T’were created something else As a few now still believe And a beauty that they were And so shall e’er be The fish-folk of the depths
Peace of mind is Lying sandwiched between my parents. I am half a man with an ego bigger than he is, And half a woman with a temper shorter than she'd like it to be considered. I am half afraid, half fearless.
These things have become artifacts since the last time you've touch them.I model my daydreams around the crinkle of linen sheets, hoping that one day I'll escape and find a place to meet you.
"Would you be like the others?", I pondered. It began with art and a hint of hesitancy. This was my thing. Our thing. And now you are here to share it. With us. One of the most magical days of my life
She's a frequency- I'm always tuned in.  The radio has only her station: 
Mother gave birth to me. Father saw me be born. How can he not care That I am so torn? I wanted him here; In my life, But instead he took off With his new wife. He always makes promises,
All I what  I know...all I all i do....and All  i know I never meant to hurt you........every time I think I'm starting to get it right....i do something stupid..then we fight....but baby I want you to know that...I'm true so tru
Everyday he gave me a different colored rose-
Fearless is the absence of the fear Fearing less is a message held dear Bravery or neccessity, the motive unclear Tongueless or eyeless, his silence impure A road less tread, a story unread
Is the life that I'm living truly mine? Am I dreaming or awake? Dead or alive? Sometimes I cannot even tell, because I'm under love's spell. Love's spell, a thing, noun a spell that
The feeling that you have when your families dislocated,and that special feeling of family, you wanted recreated.You want your parents to get back together,but when you ask your parents, they say that they'll never.
  i speak for those who have lost their courage to speak  for those whos words run to the tip of their tounges just to retreat back to the back of the throats back to where they came from 
There are three degrees of separation Mental, physical, and social The most common of these is physical Anyone who sees can see That those who do not touch Are separated physically
World packed with cruel hate.  It’s written in their fate. What can the people do? The worst part—the revulsion isn’t new.
I don’t know you anymore. Yes, I know your name. But I don’t know you. I know who you use to be. We talked about everything under the sun back then.
Silent tears concealed by a pathetic façade. Soundless suffering, weeping. A voiceless shrill cloaked by false smiles. Muted agony, raw and searing. A torturous solitude
I love you. And I'm leaving. And you say my name like a prayer and you say "She'll visit" like you're trying to convince yourself.
Take me to mars,So I can see all the stars,So high up to par, No need for fast cars.Alienated from this world,Just balled up and curled,Now and then wanting to hurl,Wishing I had my girl.
In a moment of walking around in the night, trialing on the floor we speak sweet nothings
Separation based on location too far to reach too far to go not close enough to home I can see you I can hear but I cannot reach out and feel you 'cause separation based on loaction is a thing
They keep telling me it'll turn out okay I try to believe 'em every time they say, "I know it's been hard but it'll get better" They want me to move on but all I do is remember
You and I were lovers And now we aren’t even friends It hurts to say that I never Felt the pain I have yet to strip I wake up each morning Wishing it weren’t true That if I’d look beside me
If there was one thing I could change, There’s no doubt it would be To keep my parents here with me.   And no, they haven’t died. You can’t bring back the dead. And no, not arrested,
We do not dwell in the hours in between
  Today is Kierra’s Birthday A day so long ago was praised A day the favorite child was celebrated
Outside the tables were set Closely together, everyone crammed into the small porch, screaming stories at each other over the roast pork and traditional dishes.
By: Darlyn C. Lojero   one minute, you are looking up at the sky admiring those tiny specks you called distant fire another minute, and you see none
See you soon (to Clare and Magdalene) By: Darlyn C. Lojero    
With words you fight, No better than a bully. You shove with the pretense of learning, You say you are going to give us a rope of knowledge,
How is it possible for me to miss you like this?All I want is your embrace and one more kiss.Then another and another and I won't let you leave.Every second you're away is every second I grieve.I must confess, I'm obsessedBut when you're with me I
You take your first breaths together, the start of forever, but the past is all I see. I stare into your eyes and find nothing but lies. The same lies you fed me? I like you? I want you. I love you? I lust you.
What if I told youThe things that you say,The jokes that you tell,The pranks that you play,All those things really hurt me today. That girl in the front,The one with the money;Her words for youAre sweet like honey.She’s your favorite,She’s the bes
NumbEmptyAching to be with you Ripped away from our fateNot given the dateOf when we can be together again Days pass in a blurAs Nights move like a slugNo relief from this pain
I am a number. A total which defines me. It says whether I am brilliant or remedial, whether I am present or absent, whether I ascend or decline. A statistic amongst the world. Numbers do not feel.
Our words lay out  On the roads between us Straight as the I Sharp as the L Curved as the o Strange as the v Exit at the e Meeting at the Y Curved at the o Arrive at the u
No color is more beautiful than the otherBut, I'm "pretty for a darkskin girl"So, I'm always separated from any other.
The Cold Has Come And GoneYet Some, Stay FrozenWhether It Be a State of Bliss Or SorrowTis There they Will StayNever Moving, Never ChangingForever Trapped Within themselvesWithin Their pain
Sometimes, I wish you could see me; have a video tape recording that you watched at the end of every day, that played out the events of my day to day life like a movie
A rose that fell off from the heavens above, It came towards me like a dove, Waiting to seek the truth behind those eyes,
Sultry black velvet skyBedazzled by the winking of starsAs soft and mesmerizing as the memory of your hands on my skin
I was born of poetry The daughter of Metaphor and Simile God fashioned Each valve, each vein, each artery as a string in my fabric--poetic artistry. Weaving through my body leading to my heart
You got me thinking Of what’s out there and what’s inside You got me thinking Of how we came to be alive You got me thinking Of whether we contain a soul You got me thinking
Looking around this place, it is quite apparent to see Nothing here is free for you and me Whether it be by colonizers and systematically by each other
If I went back to the start, that would be the end of me See me I take her heart, but let her keep her dignity Physical symmetry was what initially appealed to me
One Voice
Oh Trampoline, those times I spent laying in the center of it at my happiest with a hard back book on my chest
My enemy, my loved one, someone so close. Walked away and didn't turn back. The thoughts that traveled through my mind. Years later, introduced once again. The hatred that circulated through my blood,
If I was straight I wouldn’t be writing this damn thing If I was straight I wouldn’t need to hide my basic humans needs If I was straight would you still dehumanize me? Take away my rights and claim there “not meant to be”
We need better bridges in this town. Once we’re through, they’ll all have burned down past the ground to drown, which kind of defeats their purpose.
Like the earth beneath a popular tree, life is shaded. The existence of knowledge stands firm and strong, yet, some and many cease to acknowledge the light peeking through its leaves.
You are hundred miles away In a place you don’t want to stay. You left your hometown to make your parents proud And now you just feel lost, like you can’t be found.
Dear mom, Thank you for your guidance Thank you for your smiles I am sorry for my defiance But why won’t you let me go 1000 miles?
On a couple of occasions I’ll imagine him as a proud Greek hero, Only a mere eighteen years of age, Who has been sent down from the thunderous white clouds of the heavens To fight the nasty creatures that lurk the earth
Stay here as you walk through life; I will hold your hand when you are far. Here, I am there with you in the dark. Fear not the happiness of yesteryear; They will return to you in the distant.
This is me, this is who I am. This is my life, this is my business. I respect you, and I respect your choices. Respect mine.
Years ago a flame was lit, a world divided, all people split. Moves were made by those daring few, some from bus seats, some from a pew. A line that divided was intentionally crossed,
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