And it was after you I realized why the lord made angels in heaven far away from humans.

I fell to my knees aching to touch those fluttering wings on your back

And grew accustomed to the golden glow from your halo bringing me warmth.

The source of my heart’s newborn glow, the rebirth of a sin into something holy.

The stars and heavens fill every corner of your soul and I can see skies in your eyes

Everytime I touch you there’s something heavenly stirring inside me,

The fog clouding my heart seems to part just for the ethereal you.

Yet I forgot along the way that god’s favorite angel was once satan who fell too.

Angels were created to be weapons of god’s will, carrying destruction and damnation

And if their beauty is otherworldly the deceit lies  inside their hearts where you can’t see.

They never tell you the rays of glows from the discs on their heads burn when you get too close,

Just as they build you up with their strength they break you down twice as hard when they go.

Because angels are greedy to touch humans, to change their will and leave them stranded.

I find myself sobbing prayers because I was a fool to think you were my salvation,

But I was selfish to love a creature from a world that isn’t meant to step into mine.

I will pray up to the heavens every night and hope that I never forget the feeling

of the feathers underneath my lovestruck and longing fingertips.


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