You take your first breaths together, the start of forever, but the past is all I see.

I stare into your eyes and find nothing but lies. The same lies you fed me?

I like you? I want you.

I love you? I lust you.

The words you say and what you mean are complete opposites it seems and I've fallen for a fantasy.

A part of me likes a part of you, but that part isn't real.

I'm caught up in a whirlwind of emotions that you can't even feel.


You take your first breaths together as we take our last breaths forever.

We were never meant to be together.

And, I hope you're happy without me.

Living a lie identical to mine and telling yourself everyday you've changed.

Reflecting on the past. Staring at a lying face.

And, I hope you're happy without me.

Kissing her lips and tasting a memory. Bittersweet.

Wishing you could fall asleep next to me.

You can't replace your mistakes or erase your history.

And, I hope you're happy.

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