The Girl in Love with the Moon

I once whispered to the moon

Pleading with my eyes that it would answer back

In a swirling haze, the night drew on

No whispers back


And my legs were too weak

To stand, I was too weak

To hold my head up high

My mind too determined to face harsh reality another time


Again and again


My eyes pleading 

No whispers back


Bright rays begins to spy around the corners of the night sky

My body stained with fatigue

Bloodshot, my eyes and my soul

The sun rises heavily in screams of scalding cacophony


No whispers back

Grim daylight piercing, slicing

The shattering, fragile heart of a moon child

And the horizon consumes her in hues of strawberry and marigold


No trace of sweet midnight air left behind

And no onyx left in the skies to sheild her from fear

No whispers back, no whispers at all

Ends the tragedy of the girl in love with the moon 








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