A Separation


If there was one thing I could change,

There’s no doubt it would be

To keep my parents here with me.


And no, they haven’t died.

You can’t bring back the dead.

And no, not arrested,

I would have surely lied.


And they are not apart,

They have always been wed.

Nor are they stuck in bed,

No problem with their parts.


So I wish I could change

What’s harder than it seems.

They tell me, “What’s worse?

You’ve got all that you need.”

But they don’t understand

What it’s like to be told,

“If one day we’re gone,

Here are the papers you’ll need.

Make sure to stay,

You were born with the right.

And don’t be afraid

Although we’re so far.

And even if we can’t visit,

We’ll always be your parents,

No matter which side of the fence we’re on.”



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well  said

keep writing

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well  said

keep writing

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