I am a person


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This is me, this is who I am. This is my life, this is my business. I respect you, and I respect your choices.

Respect mine.

I deserve to marry whomever I love. I deserve to dress however I’d like. I deserve to believe in whatever, if any, thing I choose. I deserve to be treated as an equal to any other man- to any other human of whatever color.

I am a person.

I have a brain, I have a heart, I have life. I may not look, act, talk, see, hear, love, believe like those who founded this nation, but I sure as hell deserve to be treated like any other “American” citizen. No, not American; no, not based on the fundamentals of this nation; No. I deserve to be treated as every single human being deserves to be treated.

With respect.
With choices.
With privacy.

This is my life, this is how I live it. Don’t, no please stop, trying to tell me otherwise. That is all I ask of you. Please don’t tell me it’s wrong. Please don’t tell me its how it should be. Please don’t force me to change.

It is my right, it is what I wish, and it is who I am.

Thank you.

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