There are three degrees of separation

Mental, physical, and social

The most common of these is physical

Anyone who sees can see

That those who do not touch

Are separated physically

This is the one anyone can recognize


Next is mental

And this one is slightly harder to understand

Because people can't see it

And sometimes it's a bit difficult to understand

But to be mentally separated

Means that their minds work

On two different frequencies

Parallel, they'll never intersect

This is to be mentally separated


The finally, the epitom of it:

Social separation

The child in the corner

They are separate

The fringe freaks

They are separate

The hippies

They are separate

This is the social separation

To go against the grain


All three together though

That's when issues start

Touch starved

Mentally unchallenged

And socially inept

this is where no one wants to be

Completely, utterly alone

At the brink of insanity, with no one there to lend a hand

No surprise then

Which way gravity will work

But that's okay

It might be tomorrow's headline


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